Accelerating: societal innovation

Including stakeholders from the surrounding area 
What and who do you need from within your immediate environment in order to realise your green ambitions?
AMBOR create helps you to speed up the pace of change.


  • Dialogue
    Renewal does not happen in isolation from society but occurs within a particular context. A successful transition will always bring changes in the context along with it. Recognizing bottlenecks and opportunities and addressing these with the right stakeholders creates awareness and helps everyone to benefit from the opportunities that there are. AMBOR create helps to identify these opportunities and bottlenecks. We facilitate the dialogue by recognising societal needs.
  • Process management, Green Deal
    Green Deals are a new government instrument designed to speed up the pace of change by working with social partners. AMBOR create offers process management for different phases of a Green Deal: shared goals, planning, registering the Green Deal, process management and, where necessary, monitoring, reporting and evaluation.