Green Deal Green Roofs (2014 – )

Foundation Green Deal on Green Roofs

Vegetated roofs offer several advantages. For example capturing particulates, reducing heat stress in cities, buffering of water during heavy rains and increasing biodiversity. It also offers the enlarging of outdoor living space in cities.

Beyond the investors personal benefits there are many communal benefits to green roofs. The initiator Leven Op Daken (Living on Roofs) is searching for ways to scale up green roofs together with municipalities, water boards, financial institutions and research institutions. This is done in a Green Deal.

At phase 1 (2014 – 2015) we developed new revenu models. In phase 2 (2016 – 2019) we elaborate on the revenu models and experiment in pilot situations.


  • Governments: Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Province of North Brabant, Province of Overijssel, municipalities Almere, Amsterdam, Enschede, Tilburg, Eindhoven and Son and Breugel; Water boards Amstel, Gooi and Vecht, Aa and Maas, de Dommel, Vechtstromen
  • Umbrella organizations: VEBIDAK, Association for Vegetating Buildings (Vereniging Bouwwerk Begroeners), VHG Industry Associations of entrepreneurs in green, GDO association
  • Businesses: Living on Roofs, BTL the Netherlands, Mastum Roof Systems, Nelen & Schuurmans, Optigrün, Sempergreen, Van der Tol Group, Zinco Benelux, and Atelier GroenBlauw, Carlisle Construction Materials BV, Triflex BV
  • Knowledge organisations: Amsterdam Rainproof, NIOO, Roof Update Association, VIBA-Expo, Dutch Butterfly Conservation, Groenkeur Foundation


Stimulating the use of green roofs nationwide by

  • Developing a new societal business model
  • Identifying opportunities and breaking down barriers where possible
  • Testing the revenue models in pilot schemes

Role and activities NextGreen

Process management | Organising and facilitating multistakeholder co-creation meetings | Monitoring results, Opportunities and barriers | Communication

Results and more…

Previous project

Green Deal Green Roofs (2013)

Living on Roofs

After a pitch at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Leven op Daken (Living on Roofs) took the initiative to let the opportunities of a Green Deal be investigated. Ministries, municipalities, provinces, water boards and similar organisations were approached for participation in a Green Deal Green Roofs. The result was a plan of action and a concept text for the Green Deal.