Model for decision support

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In order to help municipalities and water boards to determine their policy mix to promote climate adaptation on private land, the working group decision support is developing a framework.

There are many policy tools that municipalities and water boards can use to promote climate adaptation on private land. And there are even more digital tools that are meant to facilitate the choice between the different policy tools. The working group decision support is therefore developing an overarching framework that will bring together these tools in a structured way.

NextGreen is facilitating the working group decision support within the Alliance for Financial Incentives together with Stroom en Onderstroom. In recent years, the members of the working group have developed several decision trees, calculation models and other tools. In wrapping up the Alliance’s work over the next six months, we will bring together existing and newly developed decision-support tools into one overarching framework that consists of four steps. These steps will start broad and progressively focus in on the theme of the Alliance: financial incentives for stimulating climate adaptation measures on private land.

  1. Formulating targets for climate adaptation
  2. Determine the desired (physical) adaptation measures on public and private land
  3. Determine appropriate mix of policy tools to realize climate adaptation on private land
  4. Design financial incentives and associated communication

The overarching goal of this framework is to support municipal officers, councillors and governors with an overview of the tools, decision trees and calculation models that are available for each step in the policy process. NextGreen created an initial version of this framework based on input from online working group meetings. Based on individual discussions with working group members, we are now working on a second draft that will be presented to the working group in February. A final product that will be made available by summer 2021 at the latest.

Read more about this project at the project page Alliance for Financial Incentives.