Roadmap sustainable development (2013)


Arc2 wanted to gain more insight on their focus on sustainable development. Together with Arc2 architects and people from their field, we made a roadmap in an interactive session.

Brainstorm opportunities Blue Economy in Northwest Holland (2014)

Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Northwest Holland

During a Blue Economy event we developed a number of Innovation Sessions with participants at the information market.  With speakers Gunter Pauli and Koert van Mensvoort we explored the opportunities for a circular economy in Northwest Holland.

More information: Report (Dutch)

Presentations Business and Biodiversity (2014, 2015)

Province Platform Biodiversity and Energetic Society

Province North Holland

Presentation on the Community of Practice Business and Biodiversity, aimed at possibilities for provinces to accelerate the transition on businesses and biodiversity.
Break-out session ‘what is your green capital?’ at the Green Capital congress of Province North Holland.

Workshop Smarter Investment via Social Impact Bonds (2012)

Netherlands Enterprise Agency

During the conference ‘ Smarter Investment in City Development and Energy Saving’ contestants set up their own ‘Social Impact Bond’. The result: A solid top 3 suggestions for other conference attendants.

Presentation C2C and LCA: Objectively measuring sustainability? (2012)

Cradle to Cradle Café

Based on the working group C2C and LCA, an interactive presentation was held for approximately 150 architects, designers, marketeers and consultants.