Joint decision model

NextGreen is holding interviews and meetings with experts from the municipality of Amsterdam, Waternet and construction organizations, in order to use the lessons learned from existing projects to guarantee climate adaptation through the use of public-private instruments. These instruments are now being piloted for use in local regeneration projects, urban transformation and change projects throughout the city.

For this new assignment, NextGreen and Stroom & Onderstroom are working with stakeholders to develop an overview of the instruments used and a decision-support tool, including the ‘water-neutral building envelope’, local land use plan and sustainable sewerage levy.

You can read more about this project on the Decision model for public-private instruments project page.

Green Deal presents Facts&Values

Lieke Coppens (right, Nelen & Schuurmans) hands over the Facts & Values ​​on behalf of the Green Deal to Harriët Tiemens (left, alderman of the Municipality of Nijmegen), Josan Meijers, (deputy of the Province of Gelderland) and Matthieu Gremmen (acting dike reeve of water board Rivierenland).

The infographic of Facts & Values ​​on green-blue roofs goes viral since September 19. Together with the Green Deal on Green Roofs workstream, NextGreen translated the quantitative benefits of green roofs into an infographic. The costs and water savings of four types of green roofs Sedum roof, Nature roof, Garden roof and Green and Blue roof are also included.

The Green Deal on Green Roofs (GDGD) factsheet was supervised by NextGreen and shows the many advantages of a Green and Blue roof. A green roof cools down and lasts twice as long. Water storage, biodiversity and extra outdoor space. The factsheet Facts & Values ​​Green-Blue Roofs shows roof performance as quantitatively as possible, and is based on thirty scientific references. With the factsheet, the Green Deal wants to enhance the dialogue between all involved stakeholders of green roofs, with the aim to exploit all benefits in a joint business case. Onwards to more and better green roofs.

The workstream that compiled the factsheet consists of the Green Deal on Green Roofs partners municipality of Rotterdam, Nelen & Schuurmans, Van der Tol and Vereniging Bouwwerkbegroeners. They did this in close collaboration with STOWA / COP Measuring and Monitoring green-blue roofs.

For the factsheet and all research used check the Facts & Values ​​page of the Green Deal Green Roofs (in Dutch).

Whitepaper Expeditions Natural Capital

White Paper ‘Value Creation with Natural Capital’ describes natural capital risks and opportunities for finance and business. The results of two expeditions, exploring investing in Agro-Food sector and the Built Environment, show routes for a joint transition.

An expedition is a practice based exploring dialogue, in this case between investors and investees and an expert panel. Representatives of business and finance entered into dialogues to bring forward a deeper understanding of the risks and opportunities, as well as discussing common challenges.

The white paper can be downloaded via the project page Natural Capital Expeditions, together with the slides.

NextGreen follows up to AMBOR creatie

As per June 2017, NextGreen was previously known as AMBOR creatie. The new name expresses our activities in an international context for guiding sustainable transitions. Together with clients and partners on a quest for the next green generation. Read more about our ambition and vision on the new website and see why we are convinced that the next green generation is orange.