Establishment Finance for Biodiversity Foundation

Six months after the launch of the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge, the Finance for Biodiversity Foundation has been set up to support the call to action and collaboration between signatories to the Pledge. The Foundation provides an organizational structure, helping to speed up progress and collaboration on the commitments made in the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge.

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Dialogue for joint solutions

One lesson of the past year is that it’s only by working together that we can get through a crisis. At NextGreen, we enjoy working with the dialogue method, as given to us by the Jewish philosopher Martin Buber.

For Buber, equality is an essential basis for productive cooperation. Dialogue is a key concept for him. In a dialogue, speaking and listening are in balance with each other and attention is focused on perspectives and responses. Through this interaction, the dialogue partners can connect to their deeper sources. Hidden wisdom can be discovered by speaking and listening together. Through the interaction and the process of searching for answers together, creativity is released and new insights can emerge that we can build on. The dialogue therefore becomes greater than just the sum of its parts.

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Update report financial incentives for climate adaptation

Following our recent visual story ‘Finance and climate adaptation’, we thought it was time to update our earlier inventory ‘Financial incentives for climate adaptation’ which we published in 2018. We made the weblinks work again and added some new examples. As well as the visual story ‘Making the Netherlands more climate robust – what role do financial institutions play?’ in which we link to the inventory, the forthcoming model for decision support on financial incentives has also benefited from this update.

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Finance guide to measuring biodiversity

Together with the EU Finance@Biodiversity Community and the signatories of the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge, we have developed a Guide to measuring biodiversity for financial institutions. As the loss of biodiversity becomes ever more urgent, financial institutions are looking for ways to quantify the impact of their finance and investment activities on biodiversity. The Guide on biodiversity measurement approaches provides a comprehensive overview of the biodiversity measurement tools that are currently in use and underway. The Guide will be presented in a webinar on April 1st, 2-3pm CET.

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Finance and climate adaptation

A new visual story about climate adaptation highlights the opportunities for collaboration between financial institutions and the public sector. Based on 20 interviews with financial institutions and public sector bodies, we analysed the role of financial institutions in climate adaptation as part of our Finance and Climate Adaptation project. We have now delivered the final product: a visual story that highlights the actions that financial institutions can take to make its assets in the Netherlands more climate-proof, and how they can optimize their collaboration with the public sector.

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‘Climate Resilient City’ documentary highlights role of finance

The second International Climate Adaptation Summit was held in the Netherlands on 25 and 26 January. The online event included the first screening of the documentary The Climate Resilient City Explained. NextGreen provided input for the documentary based on its analysis of action on climate adaptation in the financial sector.

The 25-minute documentary shows how cities can be made climate-resilient. This is done using examples and lessons learned from a number of Dutch cities, which concluded their City Deal Climate Adaptation with this documentary. The stories emphasize the importance of collaboration between municipalities, water boards, provinces, national government, citizens, companies and financial institutions. This is completely consistent with the results of the analysis that NextGreen has been working on together with Climate-Proof Together (Samen Klimaatbestendig).

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City of Utrecht’s ‘Rooftop Vision’

Photo credit: Jan Knoop

The City of Utrecht has asked NextGreen to help it develop a ‘Rooftop Vision’ in 2021. With ‘no rooftop unused’ by 2050 as the overall goal, the municipality is working on a ‘Sustainable Rooftop Ambition’ document. Starting out from existing policy goals, a detailed ambition document will be drawn up to set out what the city’s rooftop landscape should look like. Internal dialogue and the participation of various stakeholders in the city should create an understanding of how and where energy rooftops (e.g. solar panels), green-blue rooftops (which help to reduce run-off), biodiverse rooftops and multifunctional rooftops can help us to cope with heat stress and flooding, the transition to renewable energy, and to improve biodiversity. Furthermore, the ambition document will provide guidelines for realising a sustainable rooftop landscape through a combination of policy instruments and innovative ways of financing.

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11 New signatories to the Pledge

With 11 new signatories to the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge, 2020 will close with a group of signatories consisting of 37 financial institutions from 13 different countries. This was celebrated at the European Business and Nature Summit (EBNS) on 9 December 2020.

During the opening session on 9 December, we welcomed 11 new signatories to the Pledge. The session was opened by EU Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services and the Capital Markets Union, Mairead McGuinness, and included key notes by CIOs from Allianz France, Federated Hermes and Deutsche Bank.

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Climate adaptation and the financial sector

Kick-off: Climate Adaptation Assessment in the Finance Sector

What role can financial institutions play in making the Netherlands climate-robust, and what opportunities are there for collaboration with governments? Together with the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO), NextGreen has spoken to 20 financial institutions to analyse the playing field.

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Guidance on biodiversity for the financial sector

Together with financial institutions and de Horde Advies, NextGreen has produced a Guidance document to accompany the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge. The Finance@Biodiversity Community, which initiated this Pledge, felt the need for an overview of developments and sources. The overview briefly describes risks and opportunities for financial institutions when it comes to biodiversity and explains each of the commitments. The Pledge signatories commit to Collaboration and knowledge sharing, Engaging with companies, Assessing impact, Setting targets and Reporting publicly on biodiversity impact by 2024 at the latest.

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