Model for decision support

Rooftop Garden Maandag Rotterdam Blaak. Design and realisation: Boekel Tuin en Landschap

In order to help municipalities and water boards to determine their policy mix to promote climate adaptation on private land, the working group decision support is developing a framework.

There are many policy tools that municipalities and water boards can use to promote climate adaptation on private land. And there are even more digital tools that are meant to facilitate the choice between the different policy tools. The working group decision support is therefore developing an overarching framework that will bring together these tools in a structured way.

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Launch Finance for Biodiversity Pledge

On September 25 at 15:00 CEST, 26 financial institutions will launch their Finance for Biodiversity Pledge during the United Nations Nature for Life Hub. Don’t miss it! In the Pledge, the participating banks, investors and other financial institutions will commit to start working for biodiversity. They will also call upon other financial institutions and heads of state to do the same, so that together we can help reverse global biodiversity loss.

Behind the scenes at NextGreen, we are working hard together with Anita de Horde to prepare for this historic event. The new website is now online and a film maker is busy creating videos in which the CEOs of these institutions make their statements for the launch.

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Kick-off: Climate Adaptation Assessment in the Finance Sector

Kick-off: Climate Adaptation Assessment in the Finance Sector

Over the next few months, NextGreen – commissioned by ‘Climate-Proof Together’ – will be working on an inventory of ongoing initiatives in the field of climate risks and climate resilience in the financial sector. The aim is to create a clear overview of current developments and to identify the next steps that financial institutions can take in conjunction with real estate developers, property owners and companies in order to adapt their policy and projects to integrate climate resilience.

The development of a ‘common language’ is important in the interaction between financial institutions and municipalities and water boards. It will make their dialogue on climate-proof design more effective for developers, property owners and companies, and it will provide a quicker insight into joint solutions.

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Balancing the UN’S SDGs for the environmental vision

How can we strike the right balance between the many demands on scarce space for living, energy production, health and nature? And how can we do this within a municipality’s environmental vision? The implementation of the Dutch Environment and Planning Act requires municipalities to view the physical environment from an integrated perspective and to describe how the related social policies mesh together. At the request of the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG), NextGreen facilitated working sessions with four municipalities in order to co-create a framework for striking the right balance, based on their practical experiences and using the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a compass.

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Factsheets on ensuring climate adaptation in private property

Private property has a very significant role to play in dealing with our changing climate, from extreme rainfall to extended periods of heat and drought. The effects of this can clearly be seen in our cities. Fortunately, there are various policy options that municipalities and water boards can use to incorporate climate-adaption measures into their policy.
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Whitepaper Expeditions Natural Capital

White Paper ‘Value Creation with Natural Capital’ describes natural capital risks and opportunities for finance and business. The results of two expeditions, exploring investing in Agro-Food sector and the Built Environment, show routes for a joint transition.

An expedition is a practice based exploring dialogue, in this case between investors and investees and an expert panel. Representatives of business and finance entered into dialogues to bring forward a deeper understanding of the risks and opportunities, as well as discussing common challenges.

The white paper can be downloaded via the project page Natural Capital Expeditions, together with the slides.