NextGreen connects partners with sustainable ambitions

Nature-based solutions, green financing, smart building design or circular processes. The challenges we are facing as a society cannot be solved alone. Other organizations also hold a key to possible solutions. By working together, everyone will gain. Who do you need? What will be the common goal and approach?


  • Determine your ambition
    Based on a first meeting NextGreen wil think along with clients to create a process to determine an engaging ambition. Through interviews with stakeholders and/or a collaborative session NextGreen facilitates partners to better sharpen a societal issue to create mutual goals and to find common ground.
  • Build collaboration
    NextGreen brings pioneers together. Your ambition is the starting point: we look for other organizations that have mutual interests to co-create solutions. Together we look for the right partners for the envisioned goal. In doing  so, NextGreen mobilises its extensive network of leaders within sustainable business, government, NGO’s and specialised institutes. 
  • Define strategy
    NextGreen facilitates the partners in a collaboration to translate a common goal into a clear and concise strategy and action plan. For green deals and green deal texts as well.
    Depending on the complexity of a project, the process takes 3 tot 6 months from the initial challenge, through to a shared plan.