NextGreen stewards coalitions towards a new green generation

Combining multiple functions with blended finance creates revenue for society and business. NextGreen guides the process of co-creation. Together we go on a journey for renewable resources, circular products and societal revenue models. What form of renewal is needed to produce and consume within planetary boundaries?


  • Innovation session
    NextGreen shows it’s possible: creating value for society and for your business as well. NextGreen combines concepts such as ‘blue economy’ and ‘cradle to cradle’ with strategic sustainable innovation and creative thinking techniques. This process enables you to find new directions for products and processes aimed at win-win-win outcomes.
  • Revenue coalition
    NextGreen facilitates the development of revenue coalitions to realize multiple gains. We provide tailored advice and organize multi-stakeholder workshops aimed at societal revenue and to jointly expand business. A sustainable innovation such as a green roof or a circular value chain is the starting point.