NextGreen accelerates sustainable transitions

New products and business models are regularly held up by rules and regulations belonging to an outdated system. NextGreen helps to clear the path to societal renewal and to remove barriers. We do this by experimenting and by engaging stakeholders in an open dialogue. What type of development do you want to take advantage of? Which rules do you want to change?


  • Dialogue
    Renewal takes place within a broader context. The context needs to shift in order for a true transition to happen. NextGreen facilitates a dialogue with stakeholders in this context. We do this by identifying systemic opportunities and barriers of sustainable innovation. The next step is to organize the dialogue with the relevant stakeholders and identify promising routes and actions to realize a breakthrough.
  • Process management Green Deals
    Green Deals are a government instrument designed to speed up the pace of chane by working with social partners. NextGreen offers a management process for different phases of a Green Deal: determining shared goals, defining an action plan, registering the green deal, process management and where necessary monitoring, reporting and evaluation. A Green Deal lasts for approximately three years.
    This management process is also possible for city deals, health deals and innovation deals, if a sustainable ambition is included.