Finance and biodiversity policy

The webinar on 28 September covered both EU- and UN-level policy developments on finance and biodiversity with guest speakers from the Convention on Biological Diversity, the EC DG FISMA and EFRAG.

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Lunch-talk finance and climate adaptation

The first online ‘lunch-talk’ on climate adaptation, which brought together financial institutions and governments, took place on 13 September. We discussed the practice behind the visual story: ‘Making the Netherlands more climate robust – what role do financial institutions play?’

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20 new signatories to the Pledge

Photo credits: Manu San Felix / National Geographic

We welcomed 20 new signatories during the high-level opening event of the Nature for Life Hub, a side event at the UN General Assembly. The group of signatories has now grown to 75, representing over €12 trillion in assets under management and 17 different countries.

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