Toolbox for funding climate adaptation

A new online toolbox created by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations shows how climate adaptation can be funded. NextGreen contributed to the information sheets about finance options and constructions and combining policy goals.

The aim of the toolbox is to bring together all the information available on funding climate adaptation and to make this information easier to access. The toolbox consists of three parts:

  1. Costs and benefits of climate adaptation
  2. How to fund climate adaptation (with more than 25 finance options and constructions)
  3. Combining policy goals

The goal is to inspire a broad group of professionals within governments, financial institutions, housing corporations, investors and project developers to fund climate adaptation in innovative ways. The toolbox provides practical guidance, tips and examples with regard to each finance option and construction.

The toolbox is open for co-creation, so if you have come up with an innovative way to fund climate adaptation, please e-mail your suggestions to

Click here to see the toolbox ‘Financiering klimaatadaptatie‘ (in Dutch)

Read more about this project on the project page Toolbox for Funding Climate Adaptation.