Greening Taxes (2015 – 2018)

Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Commissioned by the Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation we identified various types of financial incentives that municipalities and water boards could use to encourage residents and entrepreneurs to adapt their buildings and gardens. The report shows trends in financial incentives and opportunities to link to other sustainable themes. The accompanying pamphlet with infographic calls on municipalities and water boards to collaborate in taking next steps.

In the Green Deal Green Roofs we explored the legal and financial aspects of tax differentiation for three forms of water tax and real estate related tax. Through pilots, we want to test for the scalability of the concept. We carried out a feasibility study based on which the Alliance for Financial Incentives was launched.


  • Advisory group: Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Association of Netherlands Municipalities, the Dutch Water Authorities, the Association of Provinces of the Netherlands, RIONED Foundation, Amsterdam Rainproof, municipality of Rotterdam, Water board Hunze and Aa’s, Ambient.
  • Project team from Green Deal Green Roofs: boards Vechtstromen, Aa en Maas, De Dommel, municipalities of Enschede, Rotterdam, and Son en Breugel, VEBIDAK.


To explore the possibilities and effectiveness of financial incentives, by:

  • Collecting and describing existing practices
  • Feasibility study pilots

Role and activities NextGreen

Process management | Report development | Facilitation advisory group
In collaboration with Stroom en Onderstroom

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