Green Deal Infra Nature (2016 – 2019)

Department of Waterways and Public Works

The quality and quantity of biodiversity in the Netherlands is under pressure. Because of the large areas of roadsides, infrastructure in particular holds a large potential to create and connect natural areas and thus strengthen biodiversity. Initiated by the Dutch Butterfly Conservation, the parties involved in the Green Deal Infra Nature want to investigate and use the described potential. This will be done by sharing knowledge and experience in working groups on the subjects of construction, management, conservation, business models and procurement.


  • Government: Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Province of Noord-Brabant, Province of Noord-Holland, Municipality of Tilburg, Water Boards Vallei en Veluwe, Aa en Maas, Rivierenland, Rijn en IJssel, Hollands Noorderkwartier and Rijnland.
  • Businesses: Arcadis, Brabant Water, ENGIE Infra & Mobility, Gasunie, Grontmij, Heijmans, TenneT, ProRail, Vitens
  • Knowledge organization: Dutch Butterfly Conservation (Initiator of Infra Nature)


Using the construction and conservation of Dutch infrastructure to stimulate and strengthen biodiversity by

  • Mapping and exploring best practices
  • Sharing and developing knowledge
  • Creating enabling conditions by collaboration

Role and activities NextGreen

Prepare and facilitate co-creation workshops |  Organise and facilitate symposium |  Contribute to project management

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