NextGreen helps to explore issues from practice

Sustainable transition pioneers often clear the path for system change. Their innovative practices demonstrate the opportunities in a new system but also clearly show the barriers in the current system. For example mismatches with procurement processes, tax systems, certification- and label schemes, they all need to align to enable sustainable transitions. NextGreen helps to deepen and prioritize opportunities and barriers that surface while pioneers work towards their ambitions.

Which barriers and challenges do you run into during the upscaling of your innovation?


  • Community of Practice
    NextGreen guides groups of people who want to innovate faster together. The concerns of the attendants define the agenda. A CoP means: going on a journey together, starting from a shared sustainable ambition, searching for new insights and working towards this ambition. NextGreen guides the process through around 10 meetings and combines the results in a publication (if desired). 
  • Workshops and presentations
    NextGreen organizes workshops and presentations on transition management and other themes, which connect with your organization and ambition. For example on the risks and opportunities of natural capital and biodiversity management. Or the measurability of positive impact and the earnings of circular economy. We do this interactively, connecting to your practice and the practical questions of participants.