Guidance on biodiversity for the financial sector

Together with financial institutions and de Horde Advies, NextGreen has produced a Guidance document to accompany the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge. The Finance@Biodiversity Community, which initiated this Pledge, felt the need for an overview of developments and sources. The overview briefly describes risks and opportunities for financial institutions when it comes to biodiversity and explains each of the commitments. The Pledge signatories commit to Collaboration and knowledge sharing, Engaging with companies, Assessing impact, Setting targets and Reporting publicly on biodiversity impact by 2024 at the latest.

As an addition to the Guidance document, the group is now working on a more comprehensive overview of the biodiversity measurement methods that are currently available, supplemented with case studies. Financial institutions want to measure their impact on biodiversity in an accurate and cost-efficient way. This is an essential first step in order to diminish biodiversity loss and move towards restoration. Similar overviews of biodiversity measurement tools for companies have been published before. However, as financial institutions work at a different scale, the measurement tools that are used by companies cannot always be applied by them.

The overview of biodiversity measurement methods is expected in January.

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