Webinar financing climate adaptation for HHNK

On Thursday 31 March, NextGreen will facilitate a webinar for the ‘Samen Blauwgroen’ network to discuss the question of ‘How to fund climate adaptation?’. An in-depth follow-up workshop for municipalities and others interested will follow on 9 May.

Webinar (31 March)

Climate-proofing the Netherlands will require adaptations to houses, gardens, business buildings, streets and public spaces. It will require investment in green roofs, water retention areas, and sewage systems. These (green) climate change adaptation measures will yield societal benefits in terms of liveability, health and nature. On 31 March, NextGreen will arrange a webinar for the ‘Samen Blauwgroen’ (‘Bluegreen together’) network, where we will discuss the question of ‘How to fund climate adaptation?’ from the perspective of municipalities, financial institutions and property owners. Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier (HHNK), the water authority for the northern part of the province of Noord-Holland, hosts the ‘Samen Blauwgroen’ network and has asked NextGreen to arrange both the webinar and a follow-up workshop.

Follow-up workshop (9 May)

On 9 May, NextGreen will hold an in-depth follow-up workshop where 20-30 participants will put their heads together to imagine business cases and funding opportunities for some concrete cases in the province of North-Holland. The ‘Funding Climate Change Adaptation’ follow-up workshop is meant for representatives of municipalities and financial institutions who are working on providing funding for climate change adaptation (e.g. urban water managers, area managers, policy advisors working on adaptation, civil servants overseeing subsidy schemes, etc). Participants will bring in their own case studies, and property owners and other stakeholders in these case studies are also invited to join us.

Read more about the webinar and the follow-up workshop on the ‘Samen Blauwgroen’ website (in Dutch). Partners in the northern part of Noord-Holland can also register using this link.

Are you also interested in a tailor-made webinar of workshop on funding climate adaptation? Reach out to us on info@nextgreen.nl and we will be in contact.