CoP Financial Institutions and Natural Capital (2014 – 2016)

Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Many Financial Institutions are looking for ways to decrease the negative impact of money on natural capital. In a Community of Practice they shared experiences on their activities and investment strategies regarding ecosystems and biodiversity issues. The lessons learned during ten CoP meetings, and four extra meetings with the broader setting of involved expert stakeholders were brought together with the stories from practice in the publication ‘Finance for One Planet’. Inspired by the CoP FINC, the European Commission initiated the EU CoP Finance@Biodiversity.


ABN AMRO, Achmea, ACTIAM, ASN Bank, FMO Bank, De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar, ING, J. Safra Sarasin, MN,  SNS Bank, SPF Beheer, StartGreen Capital, Triodos


Accelerate the transition to the financial sector towards investing in natural capital by

  • Learning from each other
  • Making organisations best practice more effective
  • Increasing dialogue with stakeholders around the ‘Natural Capital’ topic

Role and activities NextGreen

Facilitating CoP-process | Co-facilitating 14 sessions | Processing results and monitoring | Connecting to the topic

Previous project

Exploration CoP Financial Institutions and Natural Capital (2013)

Ministry of Economic Affairs

Interviews with sixteen financial sector representatives to research if there is an interest in a Community of Practice. Also the basis of the membership of the CoP and the overview of subjects for the strategic agenda.

Results and more…