Greater impact on Dutch roofs: an ambitious agenda

NextGreen is developing an action plan for the National Rooftop Plan 2020-2023, together with Stroom and Onderstroom. In the plan, the 45 partner government bodies, companies and knowledge institutions emphasize the importance of a multifunctional design for our rooftop landscape, so that we can achieve more impact than the current emphasis on more solar panels on roofs. Our rooftop landscape can also provide solutions for nature, heat stress, flooding, health and the ever-growing demand for space.

The action plan for the National Rooftop Plan came about through multi-stakeholder collaboration with partner municipalities, water boards, provinces, knowledge institutions, sector organizations and companies involved in the Green Deal on Green Roofs. New partners with an interest in the National Rooftop Plan (‘Nationaal Daken Plan’ or NDP in Dutch) are also involved. We spoke to various key organizations, organized a working conference which more than 100 participants contributed to, and conducted a survey to clarify the priorities for concrete action and contributions.

The action plan provides the starting point for the first partner meeting of the National Rooftop Plan on 7 April. The plan focuses on the concrete steps that are needed to initiate change together.

These are the four focus areas that the National Rooftop Plan will work in:

  1. Broadening mindset: communicating facts & values, with the aim of raising awareness about the broader social benefits of multifunctional roofs
  2. Developing policy: integrating multifunctional roofs in (local) policy instruments
  3. Incentivizing finance models: to explore and develop promising finance routes
  4. Skilled professionals: integrate knowledge and expertise regarding multifunctional roofs better into existing curricula or draw up new curricula, and keep driving innovation

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