Update report financial incentives for climate adaptation

Following our recent visual story ‘Finance and climate adaptation’, we thought it was time to update our earlier inventory ‘Financial incentives for climate adaptation’ which we published in 2018. We made the weblinks work again and added some new examples. As well as the visual story ‘Making the Netherlands more climate robust – what role do financial institutions play?’ in which we link to the inventory, the forthcoming model for decision support on financial incentives has also benefited from this update.

One of the new examples that we have included is the innovative Climate Grant launched by the city of Antwerp this spring. The grant scheme encourages city dwellers, companies and organizations to green their roofs, remove impermeable surface from their gardens and parking spaces, and reuse or filter rain water. What is unique about the Antwerp model is that, on top of the basic grant, extra grants are available for creating additional water storage or facilitating biodiversity. This promotes multifunctionality.

We also noticed that the reduction of the municipal charges for building permits for green projects, first introduced in the city of Enschede in 2018, has now been introduced in several other places.

Download de updated version of the inventory Financiële Prikkels voor Klimaatadaptatie (in Dutch)

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