Three New Pilots on Financial Incentives Alliance to Strengthen Collaboration

Alliantie financiële prikkels vergroenen belastingen subsidies

Tile collection services, communication and handling trade-offs to achieve a good policy mix are central to the three new pilots involving financial incentives for climate adaptation. The partners are therefore building on the work of the Financial Incentives Alliance for Climate Adaptation.

Citizens and businesses can take measures to make their own environment more climate-proof. For example, through the creation of a green roof or a rainwater reuse system. But what is the best way to encourage citizens and businesses to actually take these steps?

The Alliance is made up of municipalities, water boards and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, and its partners collaborate to research this topic. They study the effects of incentives on behaviour, assessment and monitoring approaches, and the decision support that is required in order to achieve a good mix of policy instruments for stimulating citizens. They do this under the banner of the Delta Program on Spatial Adaptation, which supports two working groups with research and contributes financially to seven pilots.

In April, the pilots from the district of Amsterdam-West, the municipality of Nissewaard and the working region of Noord-Veluwe were granted a financial contribution.

NextGreen, together with the mediator Stroom and Onderstroom, is facilitating cooperation and the joint learning and development process within the Alliance. We liaise with relevant knowledge organizations where appropriate in order to substantiate and disseminate the work of the Alliance.

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